After we had finished building our kitchen, our friends admitted that they had paid someone to build there's for them. After four hours, we understood why. 

We knew the result would be fantastic. But 2 hours in. We couldn't help but think this was harder than it needed to be!

Tips for building your kids toy kitchen without going completely nuts and giving up!

1 - Don't do it alone. Not because you can't (although for some parts you do need four hands) but because it is LONG and you'll get bored. 

2 - Clear your surrounding area before you get started. We built it in our daughters play room, and our first mistake was in not cleaning up enough of the area, thinking we had enough room. There are a LOT of pieces, and you do need as much space as possible. 

3 - Make sure you have a female around (or a young man). Some pieces are so tight that a grown man's hands are just too big! Sounds ridiculous but it's true!

4 - Don't start in the evening. Some kitchens take a good few hours to build.  If you start in the kitchen, you will get tired, and it will go into the night, no question.